Best Domain Name Tools

Coming up with a catchy domain name can be tricky, especially because a lot of the good ones are already registered (especially the .coms). If you’re not sure what factors make a good domain name then you could review this post where I discuss picking a good domain name in depth.

If you need some inspiration there are plenty of domain name generators to check out – here’s a sample to get you started.

Name Mesh

I’d start with Name Mesh, which features multiple domain name generators using varied criteria to generate unique domains. The screen shot shows a sample output using “Sydney Gym” as a starting point. Not only does it generate a large number of available names but it also displays premium names with prices and checks if the corresponding social media handles are available as well.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with Name Mesh.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is an easy to use domain name generator that can generate a list of available domain names. It has a clean interface and returns available domain names with a variety of extensions.

Domain Wheel is an easy-to-use domain name generator with a nice interface.

Name Boy

Name Boy has a nice interface but doesn’t necessarily indicate which names are actually available. For example, using the keyword “cars” generated several ideas including the name “” – unfortunately that name is unavailable (a shame because the GoDaddy domain name value estimator gives $7.8K USD!). Clicking on the buy buttons also redirects to a “free domain with hosting” offer via an affiliate link.

nameboy generates some interesting names but does not indicate whether they are available to register or not.


Wordoid takes a different approach. You can’t specify a starting term but it generates a list of word-like strings of letters (“wordoids”) that are determined by the criteria you set at the left (including length, language, quality and letter pattern). It is a useful for making up a new word that you can brand.

Wordoid is particularly good at creating new words that you can brand.


Bustaname is a basic domain name generator that lets you specify the maximum length of the domain name, prefixes, suffixes and the extension(s) that you want. Requires you to input more starting terms than the other domain name tools reviewed so far.

Bustaname gives you a few interesting tools to try but needs more input terms than the others.


Give Panabee two words and it automatically jumbles and combines them in multiple ways. Also gives you some foreign spellings, alternative extensions and related terms to explore.

Panabee checks availability of your terms for multiple extensions

Name Wink

Although the input for Name Wink is limited to a single word it does produce some interesting output and indicates availability for a number of extensions.

Namewink combines your single word input with several other terms and indicates domain name availability.

If you don’t find something you like you can try their Scratchpad option:

The Scratchpad option takes more terms and combines them before checking domain name availability. It also lists several best practice naming ideas to guide you.

No matter which tool or tools you decide to use, before registering your domain name at your chosen registrar (I like BTW) read this article on domain name appraisal to estimate the potential value of your new-found domain name.

Featured Image: Pexels