Why You Should Buy Multiple Domain Names

Having a good domain name is an important part of your online success plan. Domain names serve several purposes. The most important for your business success is that a well-chosen domain name tells your customers exactly what your business does and creates instant credibility.

Consider a name like SydneyPropertyMarket.com for instance. You don’t even need to visit to know what it does – but if I was looking to invest in the Sydney market it’s highly likely I’m going to click it to see what information I can find there.

The days of buying just one domain name for your business are long gone! It’s easy to develop a digital strategy where you buy a number of related domain names that you redirect to your main website. When someone visits one of those redirected names they will be automatically redirected to wherever you want. Another advantage of owning multiple domain names is that, if you own them, your competitors don’t!

This video talks more about why you should register multiple domains.

Featured Image: Unsplash

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