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  • Extension: .com
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  • Why this domain is valuable: .com extension, Pronounceable, Exact match term
  • Registrar: GoDaddy
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    $1337 USD (GoDaddy).

    $800 USD (Estibot).

  • CPC (USD): $0.65
  • Google searches / month (global): 2400
  • Comparable Sales: $2,200 (USD) $2,000 (USD) $13,000 (USD) $8,000 (USD) $2,195 (USD) $1,650 (USD) $1,300 (USD) $1,088 (USD) $1,000 (USD) $1,000 (USD) $600 (USD) valued @ $14.5K by GoDaddy.

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  • Price: $497 USD
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    Exact match domain with almost 2.5K searches per month, so you're likely to get some type-in traffic.

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