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  • Site Name:
  • Extension: .info
  • Length: 7
  • Logo Included: Yes
  • Why this domain is valuable: Short, Pronounceable, DIctionary word(s), Memorable, Common keyword(s), Exact match term
  • Registrar: GoDaddy
  • Valuation (USD):

    $336 (GoDaddy)

    $520 (Estibot)

  • CPC (USD): $0.54
  • Google searches / month (global): 8,100
  • Comparable Sales: $10,500 (USD) $6,000 (USD) $5,005 (USD) $459 (USD)

    GoDaddy valuations: $2727 USD $2645 USD $16.2K USD

  • Marketplace:
  • Price: $97 USD
  • Sales Terms: Standard sales terms & conditions.
  • Transfer Method: Push at existing registrar only.
  • Notes:

    Marketing to retirees, especially financial services and real estate, is big business. This cheap .info domain lets you get in on the action. I actually think the .info works well because it is less-commercial than TLD, and so might allow you to "sneak beneath the radar" of your prospects.

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$97 USD